Rays Plumbing Service is here for you.

We’ve all had a plumbing situation where we needed expert help, plumbing emergencies never seem to happen at a convenient time. It could be a water leak, no hot water, a sewage leak or some other issue with your plumbing. This is where we at Rays Plumbing Services can come in and give you peace of mind. Our friendly trained technicians will evaluate your problem and give you options on the best method to fix your issue.

Our licensed technicians are always punctual and possess the expert knowledge of plumbing and drain systems to provide you the highest level of service.

Our History

In 1976 Ray Hendrickson opened a residential plumbing company called Ray’s Plumbing. The company incorporated in 1998 and included 4 of his sons as partners.

Ray’s Plumbing expanded far beyond its original boundaries. The owner envisioned a professional full mechanical company including plumbing, hydronics and HVAC and in 2008 Piper Mechanical was born. Piper Mechanical slowly changed its name over the next 7 years and in 2015 the name Rays Plumbing was officially changed to Piper Mechanical.

In the summer of 2000, Ronald Homola first went to work for Rays plumbing as a plumbing apprentice. He finished his apprenticeship elsewhere but returned to Rays Plumbing in the fall of 2014 with the agreement that he could set up a service division.

In 2016, Ronald bought the Plumbing Service division and named it Rays Plumbing Service.

Ronald always wanted to work for a company that put its clients first and treated them with a high level of service. A level of service so high that other professionals in the industry would mention its name when talking about the elite in the Plumbing field. Now he has the opportunity to expand this vision into a reality.

We are experiencing a steady pace of work while setting up the internal infrastructure for growth to better serve our current clients needs and be able to respond also to new clients when they ask for our help.

Fantastic response on a weekend to our 911 🙂 Many thanks for the care and professional process from Ronald and Matt.
We’re customers for life 🙂

Karolyn Neupert Gordon and Barry Gordon

Thank you for sending me Matt and Ryan..they were very professional, made me feel comfortable about the work they were doing, answered questions I had, and worked very well together. I will definitely use Ray’s again!!

Susan Davis