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We have multiple positions available and we’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the company that empowers the future generation of service plumbers to be successful.

Perks and Benefits

We value our people

We genuinely care about and place the highest value on each and every single one of our employees. If there is anything we can do to make the work experience and environment more comfortable, we adapt immediately to ensure not just the pleasure, but safety of all employees. We provide ongoing training to help employees succeed and further their careers and our employees are always more than welcome and encouraged to come to us with any issues.

Relax, we’ve got you covered

We take care of our employees in more ways than one. Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their dependent children. We also offer 2.5 to 5 weeks of paid family leave, The company also provides a service van with gas card, tools, and cell phone.

Work-life balance

Rays Plumbing is made up of a group of unique individuals, each with their own interests, motivations, and life stories. They are passionate about what they do, at work and outside work. Based on our value of trust and our belief that we are at our best when we can be our whole true self at work, we offer an environment where everyone can find a healthy work life balance that works for them.

Live it up

One benefit of having amazing coworkers is enjoying each other’s company, and we make up some good excuses to have fun together. Throughout the year, we host fun events ranging from snow boarding to picnics. During the summer, we throw family-friendly events and activities, and our holiday parties are a hit with everyone.

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