Vancouver Leak Detection Service

If you suspect that you have a water leak in your home or business, don’t hesitate to call before it becomes an emergency.

Water Leak Detection in vancouver wa

Leak Detection

When you need Leak Detection or Leak Repair in Vancouver,WA think of Rays Plumbing Service. If you think you might have a problem with a leaking pipe in your home, you can count on the experience, technology and professionalism of Rays Plumbing Service to help in every plumbing problem you may have. From advanced leak detection to professional leak repairs, we can be there fast with a level of service that is second-to-none.

We use non-invasive, state of the art technology to accurately locate leaks, saving you water, time and money. You can avoid unnecessary damage commonly associated with the conventional search and destroy methods utilized to detect leaks. If you are experiencing an unusually high water bill or hear water running, you may have a hidden plumbing leak.
We use the latest technology to check if there is a leak, even underground and in inaccessible locations. If you suspect you have a leak, it is important to have it quickly diagnosed as inaction may lead to more serious, and possibly even structural damage to your property.

Once diagnosed, Rays Plumbing Service will help you with a range of possible solutions and a full up-front price for repairs, so you can make an informed choice as to which course of action to take. We are fully licensed and insured professionals, and our workmanship is guaranteed.